Parisian charm: 4 examples of the best in-store tech in Paris

Many retailers are betting on in-store tech to attract and engage customers and this is increasingly becoming an expectation from shoppers.

Research from in-store media specialist Mood Media reveals that 41% expect digital payment and self-service technology, while 37% expect interactive screens and 39% expect the ability to customise services or products.

One place that is embracing in-store tech is the French capital, Paris. From connected changing rooms, interactive screens, self-checkouts and merry-go-rounds showcasing products, retailers in the city are using the power of tech to entice shoppers through the doors.

Hot on the heels of our look at the best in-store tech in London, Charged heads to Paris to find how the most innovative retailers are utilising tech to elevate the in-store experience.


The new Lacoste flagship on the Champs-Élysées is the retailer’s biggest store in the world and brings together all of the brand’s offer under one roof.

Upon entering the store, shoppers are greeted with vibrant spinning displays, which showcase a range of footwear, alongside large digital screens.

Shoppers can also try out the interactive ‘Croco Wall’, which allows them to project photos of themselves, taken at the shop’s photo booth, onto a wall of 18 screens.

Large digital screens feature heavily throughout the space, with several installations showcasing the brand’s sports ambassadors including Billie Jean King, Serena Williams and Novak Djokovic.

On the second floor, customers can also peruse the clothing on offer via an interactive carousel, which rotates to showcase some of the most popular pieces from the brand.

Through a digital tablet in front of the display, shoppers can select specific items, which will then appear in front of them. They can then read more information about the garment before requesting for it to be brought to the changing room.

Lacoste has also developed ‘the stock app’, where customers can scan the QR code in-store to directly access the product page and can reserve up to two pairs of shoes without going through a salesperson.


Located in the former Caisse d’Epagne bank and spanning three levels, Etam’s flagship Paris location was created as a new generation store, evoking the feeling of a Parisian apartment.

The lingerie brand, which exited the UK in 2005, has put convenience and flexibility at the heart of its Paris store.

Customers can access connected changing rooms, which offer several benefits to make their shopping experience more pleasurable and seamless.

When trying on items in the smart fitting rooms, shoppers can use a digital screen to ask for a different size or colour product, call a hostess for advice and even pay for their purchases on the spot, avoiding queues.

The screens are available in four languages; French, English, Spanish and German.

The store also offers a lounge space, a customisation workshop area and a collection point for second-hand bras to give them a new life.

Foot Locker

Five years after opening its vibrant concept store in Paris, Foot Locker has now opened a second, larger store in the French capital.

The store encourages shoppers to engage with the sportswear retailer on a deeper level, through several engaging tech installations.

Original artworks by Parisian artists adorn each floor, featuring individual QR codes that shoppers can scan to find out more about each artist and their partnerships with the retailer.

Shoppers can also take part in an interactive digital game, displayed on a large, curved LED screen, where they can answer questions to win prizes, tapping the answers on the floor display with their feet.

The relaxed space also features an Instagram-friendly selfie corner, with phone charging available, encouraging shoppers to feel at home and spend longer periods of time in the store.


Lancôme’s first flagship store on the Champs-Élysées is a decadent and experiential space, which pays homage to the values of the brand and engages visitors through tech.

Upon entering the store, customers are instantly plunged into the Lancôme world, with giant LED screens, hanging rose petals and an interactive photo booth.

Shoppers can sit in the rose shaped seat and take a picture to share on social media, with a projection of the Arc de Triomphe in the background.

Personalisation is at the heart of the store, with customers able to access specific beauty advice through innovative technology.

Shoppers can use Lancôme’s shade matching machine, which can identify more than 20,000 skin tones, to find the foundation shade best suited to their skin tone.

In addition, the youth finder skin diagnostic tool, connected to an iPad application, analyses the face to propose a personalised skin care routine according to the needs identified by the scanner.

On the product side, the stores features a UV printer that can personalise products almost instantly, with an illustration of one’s choice.

There is also the opportunity to engrave perfume bottles or lipsticks with a personal inscription.

The store also features several LED screens with the brand’s muses, from Lily Collins to Zendaya and Julia Roberts.

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