Meta partners with Ikea to unveil interactive AR experience

Meta has partnered with Ikea to release an interactive augmented reality (AR) experience for shoppers visiting stores across Sweden this month.

Developed with Stockholm-based immersive tech company Warpin Reality, the AR game was inspired by the furniture giant’s popular children’s collection, BLÅVINGAD.

Called ‘The Little Adventure’, the AR game opens in an Instagram filter and aims to increase interest and knowledge about life in the ocean, with users able to virtually swim with various sea creatures and learn about them.

To access the Instagram filter, users must scan the QR code in-store and can walk between different stations to try out the different parts of the game.

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The AR activation also encourages players to engage with themes like littering and pollution prevention, with the BLÅVINGAD collection being partly produced from recycled plastic cleaned from the ocean.

Users can also take pictures with the game’s filters and “be immortalised” with an octopus, turtle or killer whale from the collection.

The game was launched on 13 February and will run during the winter-sport holidays across the 21 participating Swedish stores.

In addition, the activation makes Ikea Sweden the first retailer globally to explore the Meta SPARK AR on a large scale.

“We hope the experiment will increase our understanding of how augmented reality can affect a physical shopping environment,” the furniture retailer said in a release.

“We are constantly exploring new ways to meet our customers. Currently, we’re doing so by developing a game for everyone looking for a fun experience for the whole family,” Ikea Retail Sweden marketing manager Helena Gouiveia said.

“The game is based on our collection BLÅVINGAD, as well as children’s interests and curiosity, but also on their concerns related to our oceans.

“Thanks to the game, children can learn more about marine life and what happens under the surface while they are in our stores.”

Meta creative shop Josefine Billström Raasakka added: “As technology evolves, so do the opportunities for brands to create more compelling and immersive experiences.”

“This project is an interesting step in creating a richer customer experience at IKEA by weaving in technologies such as augmented reality as part of the shopping experience.”

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