Evri couriers say they are ‘treated like slaves’ and only get paid 60p per parcel

Several Evri couriers have claimed that they are “treated like slaves” and only get paid 60p per parcel by the delivery firm.

Speaking to Manchester Evening News, one employee ‘Craig’ who works in Manchester, has revealed a tale of poor working conditions, low pay and negative morale among colleagues.

In fact, at his south Manchester depot, the situation became so bad that some drivers were involved in a confrontation with senior management.

According to Craig, which isn’t his real name, the majority of couriers “grafted hard” over Christmas to help clear a large backlog, but tensions rose when the company made changes to their routes.

He added that couriers are being forced to work harder and do more hours for less pay and live in fear of having their rounds cut.

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However, the parcel firm denied these claims and said all of their couriers earn in excess of the minimum wage, including time for collection and re-delivery.

In addition, Craig said he feels obligated to work six days a week, otherwise he fears losing his rounds. He also said his experience of the job has got “progressively worse” and claims the first few hours of his shift are spent “exposed to the elements” as he loads vans with no shelter.

In response, Evri said all drivers are able to choose how many parcels they deliver and they have access to rain shelters.

“By the time you’ve sorted the parcels you’ve been there for two hours without getting paid, getting absolutely soaked if it’s raining or standing in the boiling sunshine. The other week it was snowing and the parcels all got wet,” Craig said.

“As soon as the customer came to the door the bottom just fell out and it’s just embarrassing and makes us look bad. Luckily I have quite a good thing going where I deliver and people have my number so I can let them know updates, but you’ll always get someone who will make it difficult.

“Some people will refuse to leave the shed open or things like that. They want it in their hands, but then they are never in.”

A different driver who has worked at Evri for years, says its the “worst job he’s ever had” but struggles to find other employment.

“Everyone is always just thinking ‘oh my parcel is late’, but it’s not that simple. We have to manually load our car and then walk around the houses,” he said.

“The pay is awful. We have to stand in the rain and cold for 40 minutes every morning sorting the parcels without getting paid.

“It’s the worst job I’ve ever done in my life, but there is nothing else out there for us. I earn about £800 a month, but that’s before petrol and my phone bill and all the other bills I have to pay.”



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  • Hi Charged,

    I’m not sure about the working conditions in the Evri but the pay is awful. This is from last year during covid season, I was paid 45p per parcel also pay per item depends on how many orders you deliver in a day. Pay rate depends on 0 to 50 orders delivered which is 45 p at that time, 50 to 10 orders delivered is paid between 47 p to 53 p and if delivered more than 100 orders a day pay is around 55 p plus.

  • Couriers don’t sort parcels they have staff for that, if his depot is making him sort for free he needs to report them asap.

    I actually love the job but I can only agree with what he said about pay, I earn about £850 too but don’t want to leave as I like the flexibility of the job.

    What is stupid is how we get paid different rates for different parcels when it requires the same effort, same fuel, same time to deliver etc.

    Why should it range from 30p for a postable to £1 for a big parcel when it makes no difference difficulty wise?

  • Couriers absolutely do sort the parcels into their own vehicles in the morning. Unpaid. In all weather with no shelter I know because my dad does it. They also have to pay for their vehicle, fuel, insurance, and couriers insurance that Hermes have insisted they take out, And they have to pay for their holidays. All the while hermes have everything from a rug to a full set of patio furniture listed as a ‘packet’ so they don’t have to pay parcel price. Appalling company and if you complain the exact words are ‘well you know where the door is’


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