TikTok beats Youtube for social media-related shopping

Twitter influencers are turning to TikTok for shopping, preferring it to other social media apps like Instagram and Snapchat, according to the latest study.

The Social Media Analytics Platform of GlobalData, a data analytics company, analysed discussions related to shopping in the last six months.

It found that TikTok appeared in related conversations 37% of times, outperforming YouTube (27%), Pinterest (22%), Instagram (7%) and Snapchat (6%).

The study links the findings to the launch of the TikTok Shop e-commerce platform in the US in November 2022.

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The platform allows users to make purchases via shoppable links while watching livestreams or in-feed videos. It was launched in the UK already in 2021 and is also currently available in a handful of Asian countries.

Allegedly, this greatly contributed to turning TikTok into a “shopping destination.”

“For consumers, TikTok becomes a shopping destination – with a personalized Shop tab and order tracking in-app. Product pages have reviews and info on how many others have ordered the item, as well as a way to enter coupons shared on creator livestreams,” Olivia Moore, Consumer Partner at Andreessen Horowitz, commented.

According to the social media giant’s 2023 Trend Report, the company expects to deepen its influence, anticipating encouraging users “to test out new products and ways of thinking and behaving.”



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