What will Amazon’s NFTs actually look like?

Amazon’s NFTs are rumoured to drop next month, yet the confusion surrounding the nature of the tech giant’s non-fungible tokens remain. With the 15 upcoming NFT collections, we dive into all the information we currently have about Amazon’s digital collectibles.

According to Blockworks, digital tokens will be tied to physical assets. As such, customers will be able to purchase a fashion-related NFT tied to a certain fashion item (such as a pair of jeans).

Purchases can be made with credit or debit cards similar to buying other Amazon goods. While physical items will be delivered to customers’ doors, the related NFTs will drop on their accounts.

This way, customers without crypto wallets will still be able to get their hands on digital tokens.

The company will be informing every US-based Amazon Prime customer (there are approximately 167 million of them) of the launch of NFTs, two sources familiar with the matter told Blockworks.

Although the exact “going live” date has not been released yet, 24th April seems to be circulating as the most likely one. Sources added that NFTs should launch by May at the latest.

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Amazon’s integration with blockchain technology appears to have been carefully considered, as it has reached out to blockchain gaming companies.

According to Blockworks, the tech giant has either hired or is looking to hire numerous Web3 developers.

The ultimate goal seems to be the creation of private blockchain, although the details are rather vague. The marketplace is rumoured to be called either ‘Amazon NFT Marketplace’ or ‘Amazon Digital Marketplace.’

Prada has previously released an exclusive holiday-inspired gender neutral sweater along with a gifted NFT. At the same time, Nike has announced the acquisition of RTFKT Studios, which is “a leading brand that leverages cutting edge innovation to deliver next generation collectibles that merge culture and gaming.”

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