Amazon to create Alexa Arena video game to train robots on human interactions

Amazon is developing a video game called Alexa Arena in which users interact with virtual robots to train machines on how to behave around humans.

Alexa Arena is aimed at supporting the development of gamified robotic tasks, according to Qiaozi Gao, applied scientist of the Amazon Alexa AI team.

It offers many multi-room layouts and interactable objects to allow customers engage with virtual robots. The game’s “user-friendly” graphics and control mechanisms will allow for an interactive user experience.

Alexa Arena will combine high-efficiency HRI data collection and Embodied AI system evaluation attached to physical objects, such a robot’s body part.

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According to a recent paper prepared by Gao and his team, the game will become publicly available in order to conduct a widespread study related to the creation of such embodied assistants like robots.

So far, Amazon is actively deploying robots in its warehouses, and unveiled its “first fully autonomous mobile robot” called Proteus back in 2022.

The company has also invested in a new AI-powered app that could prevent warehouse workers from getting injured.

“Robots and humans could have an active collaboration, where a robot can say, ‘I see that you are picking up these heavy objects from the top shelf and I think you may be doing that a lot of times. Let me help you,’” senior author of the project report Ashis Banerjee said at the time.

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