Exclusive: Getir starts mass redundancies, leaving workers ‘crying and angry’

Speedy grocery delivery firm Getir has begun to layoff staff en masse in what one worker described as a “redundancy massacre”.

The job cuts follow Getir’s acquisition of rival firm Gorillas in a £1bn deal in December.

It is understood that Getir staff have been laid off on a daily basis over the past week via one-to-one meetings, held both face-to-face and via Teams.

The handling of the redundancies has left employees furious with senior management, who allegedly did not give impacted workers any notice or consultation period.

“The management have been simply doing 1-2-1 meetings and letting people go after the meeting. Computer accounts are being deactivated on the hourly marker,” one source told Charged.

Another employee said: “I have been one of those caught up and staff have been left crying and angry at management in WeWork offices.”

The sources said the redundancies are ongoing with a new raft of cuts happening each day. It is not clear how many jobs have gone altogether, however sources told Charged earlier this month that up to 300 jobs could go at the speedy delivery firm.

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The rapid food delivery sector is in turmoil as demand has dipped post-pandemic.

This has led to downsizing and consolidation in the market, where many rival startups had been focused on driving sales rather than profitability to gain market leadership position.

Job cuts have been on the card at Getir, the UK market leader in speedy grocery delivery, and were expected to be announced at an all-company meeting that was due to take place last week. However, according to an email seen by Charged, this has now moved to next Monday.

Getir’s leadership will speak to the team at the company’s new WeWork office in Waterloo.

“They are butchering staff to downsize to fit in the smaller WeWork office at Waterloo station from Monday,” one of the impacted staff told Charged.

It is understood that two of Getir’s senior leaders in the UK head of gStores Shem Wadowski and head of internal communications and employer branding Anisha Jhina, have also left the company abruptly in recent weeks.

Charged Retail has contacted Getir for comment.



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  • Aidan p Downey
    March 24, 2023 9:13 am

    Who’d have thought ?
    The banality of retail Britain.

  • I actually worked at getir, if you want more info on this as I can give you the whole scoop on it my number is 617-465-8573

  • I worked at getir. If you want to speak to me 617-465-8573

    • Fully deserved
      May 1, 2023 1:08 pm

      That isn’t even a UK number!
      They went bankrupt, and just havnt admitted it yet.
      I worked for them a while back, and they were losing thousands every day at every store.
      It was never a real business, they take in stock thrown out by oyther businesses, and then write it all off as a loss.
      They’re money laundering.

  • As a retail manager at one of the large supermarket chains I knew their business model was unsustainable. They positioned themselves as a tech company, but in reality they were another grocer trying to sell via delivery. So all the difficulties other grocers face, plus all the difficulties Uber/Deliveroo and the like face. They need the long tail, plus the real estate, plus the tech stack. No way, never going to work

    • Very well said!!! That’s usually the problem with majority of start-ups in general! They aim for the Mars while haven’t even learned what it takes to fly above the sky…

    • Not really, they had none of the problems opf either, no customers on site, no waiting for 3rd partyies to make the food, no training needed for staff.
      It would have worked fine if it were intended to, but it was a money laundering scam.
      They took in tons of waste/broken/spoiled stock from local stores, and threw it all away at the end of the night, and wrote it all off as a loss.
      None of the managers had ever worked in retail, or been managers before, and most could barely speak a work of English, it was more of a criminal social club for turks and eastern europeans at the stores.

  • I was a team leader in Getir for a year and half and it was running quite well at the beginning with the boom and the crazy expansion they were running after, having the amount of funding they had. But in reality, the business was known to be deemed failing long term. The product prices were higher by a considerable margin than other retailers as they were stuck with certain suppliers and the whole sales push was basically solely dependent on throwing constant promotions to new and existing customers (can be 90% off), and yet orders were dipping by the day. They had to massively cut down hours and they tried to push hard WiFi the franchising of their stores ASAP, but that didn’t go as well as expected. Don’t know about it as I left months ago, but the final few months were tough and long-term wise it was known that they were spending too much for too little in return, solely depending on fundraising.

    • Former getir worker
      May 1, 2023 1:19 pm

      They never needed the promos, they just needed to keep stock levels up.
      They lost customers every day because they never had any stock, and once they ran out of something they just stopped selling it.
      And the customer services were rude idiots in turkey, one of the worst decisions any business can make.
      And most of all they had a terrible attitude, typical of turks and eastern europeans, and couldn’t keep any competent British staff, because of all the violent aggressive lunatics they hired.

  • Former Getir store manager. All Chicago stores have shut down.

  • They have been going down hill for a while.
    This is company that was reliant on grow grow grow attitude at no regards to financial barriers that exist in business just to insure market dominance at the stake of the workforce that was brutally butchered .

    The whole concept of sales sales sales has literally got to the heads of management that forgot the basic rule in business. Sustainable growth and profitability. In the long run everyone knew the business was failing yet the kept going in effect claiming to make customers love them.
    Well you did that at the risk of being the business to the brink of collapse, when it cannot stand on its own 2 feet.

    When I was there it was all immature heads of departments running the show, that had no regards for long term consequences.

    People like Sam Ader head of operations and expansion was one of them that allowed greed get to the heads and effectively get involved in everything when they didn’t know anything themselves, just a immature prat running around and bossing people around. Well your only there as your unemployable else where.
    One day they will get what’s coming to them.

    It was disgusting to see that the business solely survived on fund-raising rounds and o yes franchising stores to bring in cash from investors whom know ‘Jack’ about the business.

    This was a joke what business will sacrifice long term goals for a quick buck and yet still they ran out of money to now downsize the workforce.
    Well at getir they did do that and now the staff are paying the price.

  • Franchise store
    May 1, 2023 8:32 am

    It’s all good and well whilst getir make their ‘strategic decisions’ to close stores.
    What about franchisee owners like us?

    We have had no contact from franchise team whom have gone awfully quiet to requests for information after repeatedly calling and emailing. It almost as if they have no answers to give or excuses to make up.

    Contacting HQ is like calling a bunch of headless chickens at the moment. No one from head of franchise or its senior management will return the emails or calls.

    Where is my money is the biggest concern if your planning on going into administration, you honestly thin your gonna walk off with my money.

    Own up and tell us the truth getir and the franchise team. We have invested now it seems we might have been duped into our investment as a scam being reported from the recent on going news.


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