Gail’s launches digital loyalty programme

Artisan bakery Gail’s has launched its first digital loyalty programme accessible through the new Gail’s app.

Bakeries will have QR codes linked to the app, which customers can scan for download.

Via the new loyalty programme, customers will gain one digital stamp per visit or two stamps for every purchase over £20. Upon collecting nine digital stamps, customers will be able to choose from a loaf of bread or a barista made drink.

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Buyers will also receive a drink upon signing up to the scheme along with other rewards, such as a sweet treat during the customer’s birthday month, and immediate alerts about new products launches and events.

“We’re excited to launch the Gail’s digital loyalty programme this spring, in response to how people now are looking to interact with the bakery, our baked goods and drinks. We have been searching for ways to reward our customers digitally by giving them unexpected delights and treats that are specifically tailored to their preferences,” said Marta Pogroszewska, Managing Director of Gail’s Bakery.

The UK’s biggest coffee chains all offer reward-based schemes to increase customer loyalty and retention.

As such, Starbucks unveiled its Web3-based customer rewards programme, saying that NFTs can help extend its concept of the “third place,” which is a “place between work and home where people can feel a sense of belonging over coffee”.

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  • Not much as been said on the devaluation of the rewards. Previously it was a stamp per item. Now it is a reward per £20! So the reality is that the ‘rewards’ are hugely reduced for the customer. I honestly don’t see that a customer really cares much whether they have a card stamped or do it via an app. For me it’s all about the rewards, which are now about 20% of what they were.


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