Zalando set to launch ChatGPT-powered virtual assistant

Zalando, the German online fashion giant, is set to launch a tool powered by ChatGPT across its digital platforms to help its customers navigate its products.

The technology, provided by OpenAI, will give shoppers the ability to ask questions and provide them with relevant suggestions.

Zalando hopes the move will help customers navigate through Zalando’s offering in a more intuitive way, it said.

The fashion assistant will be available for a selected group of customers in Germany, Ireland, UK and Austria.

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Zalando used the example of when a customer asks “What should I wear for a wedding in Santorini in July?”, the fashion assistant will understand the formality of the event, what the weather is likely to be in Santorini at the time and provide fashion recommendations based upon these facts.

This could be combined in the future with customer preferences, such as brands they follow and products available in their sizes to deliver a more personalised selection of products, according to the fast giant.

“This is just the beginning; we are committed to understanding our customers’ needs and preferences even better, and we are eager to explore the potential that ChatGPT can bring to their shopping journey,” Zalando VP of personalisation and recommendations, Tian Su, said.

“As we continue testing and introducing new solutions, our focus remains on learning how our customers want to interact with our fashion assistant to provide them with the best possible experience.”

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