Google to add generative artificial intelligence to advertising

Google parent company Alphabet Inc is reportedly planning to introduce generative artificial intelligence across its advertising business and services in the coming months.

The concept is to create “novel” online advertisements, the Financial Times has reported, citing information from an internal company presentation.

Google stepped up its own work in the AI sphere when it began the public release of its chatbot Bard, despite criticisms from staff about the launch, as it takes on rival Microsoft for machine learning based content production.

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Public and corporate interest has been spiked by the launch of ChatGPT, which has captured a huge amount of attention since the unveiling of its most recent iteration.

The FT said that the presentation proposed that advertisers could supply “creative” content such as imagery, video and text relating to a particular ad campaign, with the AI then able to mix this material to generate advertising relevant to the target audience, plus sales targets.

Generative AI technology relies upon past and historical data to create content rather than to identify it.

Google plans to put in so-called guardrails to address concerns over phishing, disinformation and cybercrime when it introduces the new generative AI features, the FT reported.

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