Yeezy x Gap products reselling for £1000 on StockX

Yeezy x Gap products have been seen on resale platform StockX at sky-high prices as Kanye West’s brand gives the fashion label its first hit with “hypebeasts”.

The two brand’s second collaboration with each other included a £65 hoodie made of hefty double-layered cotton with a dropped shoulder and abbreviated body, a look which has become synonymous with the Yeezy aesthetic.

Another popular item was the “Round Jacket” which has buyer’s asking for up to £1000 on the resale platform.


Despite complains of inconsistent quality from the collection, the hoodies in particular have been generating hype not usually seen for Gap items.

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On StockX, among the biggest resale marketplaces, the Yeezy x Gap hoodies are currently selling for roughly the same markup the site normally sees on items including Supreme and Yeezy trainers, seeing a 55 per cent premium over the retail price.

Some have been seen selling for up to £650, according to publicly listed sales data on the site, with around 2000 being listed.

“The hoodies as a whole are selling for around 50 percent above retail,” said Jesse Einhorn, senior economist at StockX.

“That puts them in fairly rarefied company when it comes to other Yeezy releases.”

Clothing from West’s Yeezy brand is often seen on average around 30 per cent above retail on StockX, according to Einhorn.

“This is a deliberate strategy where you generate extraordinary hype around a specific item and that has a halo effect on the rest of the products,” he said.

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