Adidas dives deeper into metaverse with ALTS NFT project

Sportswear giant Adidas has announced ALTS by Adidas, a “dynamic and evolving” NFT that transforms based on audience engagement.

ALTS by Adidas represents the third phase in an 18 month project via its recently rebranded platform and is a personalised, token-gated Web3 loyalty programme based on an avatar of the user.

It focuses on what the brand – which remains one of the most sought after according to a recent survey – calls the user’s ‘ALT[er] ego’, which is the first of eight traits that determine a customer’s unique identity, which provides an exclusive utility tailored to personal interests.

An interactive storyline, starting with Chapter 1, has been designed to keep customers engaged until the end of ‘Chapter 3’ at which point a unique PFP is created, consisting of “countless trait combinations with a rarity rank”.

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This digital fashion identity evolves based on interests and engagement and provides exclusive access to the Adidas web3 eco-system.

To participate in Chapter 1, holders need to burn their Phase 1 and 2 “Into the Metaverse” NFTs to mint ALTS by Adidas.

The previous “Into the Metaverse” NFT project by Adidas explored the intersection of fashion, technology and gaming. The included limited edition Adidas NFTs provided holders with access to virtual events and exclusive content among other benefits.

The new project suggests that Adidas is moving away from this experience.

In 2022, Adidas became one of the top Europe’s most sought-after brands for pre-loved clothing. Around the same time, the sports giant was set to launch a world-first personality based AI-generated avatar creation platform, which allows each avatar to freely roam across over 1500 apps and games.

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