B&Q and Pinterest launch co-branded campaign

B&Q and Pinterest have announced the launch of their co-branded campaign, which marks the DIY retailer’s first time using the social media site‘s Trend Badge feature.

Pinterest’s trend prediction report released in December revealed that one of the big interiors trends for 2023 would be ‘Home Front’ – as consumers will be focusing attention on dressing and decorating the front of their homes.

Search terms like ‘front door transformation’, ‘front garden’ and ‘front hallway decor ideas’ have all continued to rise on the platform in recent months.

B&Q hopes that by leveraging these insights to target Pinterest users with an interest in home decor, finance, gardening and bathrooms, B&Q’s new campaign, consisting of creative video ads (known as Idea ads), people will be inspired to bring these ideas to life.

“Pinners are planners, and in recent months, despite the cost of living crisis we’re all facing, we’re still seeing lots of creativity on Pinterest as people seek to improve areas of their homes, like front doors and entrances, that perhaps have been previously overlooked, and that don’t require huge budgets,” Pinterest head of home Matt Silberry said.

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We’re delighted that our insights can help B&Q inspire people with the very products and ideas they’re looking for,” Pinterest head of home Matt Silberry said.

Pinterest’s Trend Badge is the platform’s insights-driven advertising solution that enables brands to tap into the top themes, with inspirational content and ideas that Pinterest users are searching for during key seasonal moments.

B&Q head of PR and social media Jane Sell added: “Insights are key to ensuring content is engaging and effective and we’re pleased to be working with Pinterest on this campaign and to have the Home Front trend badge.

“Pinterest predictions for 2023 complement the findings of the B&Q Slice of Home Life report 2023 – that we’re increasingly using our homes as places to socialise.

“As customers welcome friends and family into homes more, it’s not surprising they’re looking for more inspiration and advice on how to refresh their front doors, gardens and hallways.

“Our Home Front trend badge campaign with Pinterest strongly supports this.”



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